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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hans-Georg throws light

A quote today from Hans-Georg Gadamer:

"(H)istory does not belong to us; but we belong to it." (Truth and Method p 276)

One implication is that we have no chance of understanding what others mean in their writing and speaking without first coming to appreciate our own historical way we arrived here today.

(A comment on Reforming Project Management)

Just think of this in terms of the gospel, where an historical context is provided in the chain of ontological dependencies reaching back to creation where both God and we are grounded and given our setting, and why we are in the mess requiring salvation. We belong, through Christ, to the history that links us in real time and space to the events of creation and fall. Deny this, as does the SAD, and we end up endorsing the behaviour of the settlers Stan Grant mentions, who see in evolution the encouragement of genocide: the fruit of 'evolution' is death (and its requirement), not life as it is of the gospel and the God who created the very good.