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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

For the Love of God.

The reaction of several Sydney Episcopalians (Anglican) toward Biblical Creationists leaves many of us to wonder just what is in play.

Newer readers may not be aware that the yoursydneyanglicans website had a forum thread some six years ago which expressed comfort with trying to hold to the integrity of the Bible while also holding to evolution as the means by which God created. That proposition was gently challenged by some who may have been Biblical Creationists but the reaction they got - to the point of ridicule and one correspondent insulting Biblical Creationists by accusing them of being parasites - was way over the top. That was the seed for establishing the Sydney Anglican Heretics blogspot and then commenced some strong debate here but not for long.

The existence of a blogspot which had the affront to criticize the Diocese and, by title, publicize a perceived problem with the theology of many within the Diocese was a dent to the pride. The recourse was to shut down any dialogue and not mention this site in public discussion so as to limit any airing of the 'not-so-evangelical' thinking in the Diocese. Some here took up discussion on blogspots managed by some of our protagonists who blogged on the subject of Origins. Again, it wasn't long before they shut down discussion and banned some here from their blogspot. Again, name calling occurred - we were labelled "Trolls". Go figure! They raise the topic of Origins, undermine the integrity of the Word of God, invite correspondence, know our views yet because we are prepared to debate their stance we are accused of being "Trolls". Again, go figure!

The whole history of engagement with Sydney Episcopalians is full of wonder for me. Why is it that so many Sydney Episcopalians are resistant to the Biblical Creationist position? Why are so many on the one hand declaring themselves evangelical, reformed and conservative yet abandoning (even aggressively) the historical evangelical, reformed and conservative interpretation of Genesis 1? Why won't they thoroughly investigate the scientific positions on Origins?

The answer to those questions have a range of answers and some have already been discussed here previously but there is one more answer/explanation which has not been addressed. It is my task to address that tonight. I draw the attention of readers to Judges 2:1-3.

To that scene I now quote an extract of a sermon by George Smeaton (1814 - 1889) of the Free Church of Scotland:

"Look at Israel, on entering the land of promise. Unmindful, after first success, of their work of vengeance on the doomed nations round them, they neither work for God nor in God; and when the angel tells them in Bochim, for their punishment, that they should not drive out those nations any more, such a day of weeping followed - such a day of repentance - as has seldom been in this dark world. But why did they not return to their first works? It seems that the courage once given them was not given again - the Lord was not with them in such measure any more. Is this a new thing in the earth? Ah! it is common to lose first love, but all do not regain their former place. Many are but blasted trees - melancholy monuments of what they were, or might have been. Some all zeal once are now lame in every effort, ..."

I just wonder about those Sydney Episcopalians we encounter who bear such a rigid resistance to the Word of God on Origins. Just how many are there who have come to Jesus Christ with something of the world still in their heart? Have they come not fully mourning, poor in spirit, meek and hungry because they have something of their pride in man's knowledge over the knowledge of God. As such, are they not like Israel at Boachim? Are they not left with that which will become a snare to them until they feel how uncomfortable that half-hearted faith is that they profess? Surely that is an uncomfortable existence? Is God not loving to leave them in such a condition in hope that they repent and submit in full faith to receive all the joy and comfort to be found in the Word that is Jesus Christ? Yes, God is loving. The Father's love toward the Son is the foundation of the gospel and for man to experience the love of God is to receive Jesus Christ, the Word of God, in all His fullness. So it is that God will punish by allowing such darts to discomfort them in hope they will cry out to Him for that which is true.

Sydney Episcopalians, the Word of God is true and everlasting. We who provoke such reactions of abhorrence in you may pass but others will arise by the Will of God and the spurs and snares of worldliness will continue to react within you and against what ought to be an encouragement for faith which leads to comfort and joy in the Lord.

Sam Drucker

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John said...


You again raise the issue of Why?: Why have the SADs so miserably capitulated to the world over origins.

Simply put - it's sin and a barrel-full of lack of faith.

We all have our weaknesses. Mine is..well, let's not talk about that here. For the SADs, however, to show a complete lack of trust that when God and Moses both say that God did it all in 6 days, reject the factual proposition that God did do it in 6 days, well, that's not a lifestyle choice, that's rejection of God.

And when that theological liberal Michael Jensen says he no longer believes, assuming he at one time did, that the Bible is inerrant, well, howdeedoodee (to borrow that fabulously appropriate Fundeemenalist expression), we have a snake in our midst.

And at this time I'd like to recall those words of wisdom spoken by our old mate Dave Lankshear: cosmic rays from galaxy Zenon altering the DNA thus providing the correct genetic information which allows evolution to occur, all guided by the hand of God of course.