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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blessing the West.

My sources inform me of a Biblical Creationist speaker addressing a large Western Sydney church this weekend on three occasions - Friday evening through to Sunday evening.

The report I have is that each event was very well attended and much enthusiastic responses from the several hundred attendees.

One man, Christian, who attended Friday night had been a science teacher in a State school who carried his science and Christianity in two boxes. He never delved into Genesis because he feared what it would say in contradiction to what he had learned in science. For some reason he made his way along to the Friday night event and was, so he later said, absolutely astounded at what he had heard and how credible the Biblical interpretation of Origins was as opposed to that of Evolution.

The man returned to hear more at the Sunday morning event and was elevated in spirit at the strengthening of his faith in the Lord he received over the weekend.

Apparently, a nine year old boy was in the audience on the Friday night and all the way home he was full of excitement and could not stop telling his mother about all he had learned about Cosmology. The next day he told his friend but encountered resistance through the suggestion of a limitless universe. He faltered but, upon speaking again to his mother he received wise advice (all based on what the boy had told her the night before). He was reassured and negated the suggestion of his friend. He was back again on Sunday morning growing all the more in knowledge, faith in the Lord and developing a passion for science.

My confidant did not get all the feedback from the weekend but I am sure there is much fruit to bear as Christians go on in faith in our Lord. Such an assertion is backed up by revelation of very many of those attending being well resourced through purchases of thousands of dollars worth of Biblical Creationist material.

Christendom is not dead. You just need to look in the right places.

Sam Drucker

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