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Friday, January 1, 2010

Leupold Genesis part 25 overview of structure

But quite apart from such attempts to fit the whole creation into a pattern of our own devising it is immediately apparent that the account as a whole proceeds from the lower to the higher, providing first the basic essentials for existence as well as for plant and for animal life, then running to a climax in the creation of man for whose well-being and well-ordered existence all previous steps in creation provide the adequate setting. So the account abundantly displays that God is a God of order. The very general formula devised by Driver (quoted by Skinner) is as satisfactory as any: "The first three days are days of preparation, the next three are days of accomplishment."


Eric said...

I think this is a bit artificial; the 'preparations' are in fact 'accomplishments'. The whole sequence is about building on the ground of the previous day to demonstrate, amongst other things the dependency relationships within the creation.

neil moore said...

I agree.