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Friday, January 1, 2010

What happened?

In response to this comment
to a blog on Goldsworthy

Nice outline.

Of course, the bible gave a lot of detailed history for that vague “creation to Abraham” part of the bible, but for some reason, nobody wants to take it seriously.

Just sayin’.

I replied:

Of course the Bible gives detailed history (events that can have time and space coordinates), odd how most people drift off from the historical backbone when it gets beyond Abraham. But this is the very point, one would think; of showing in terms of the space-time domination of our lives how we, as image bearing creatures are connected in terms of the real world we are in to the wilful creator who authored us, gave the 'image' and made the real world as the setting of our image-bearing. I know some hold that God did create us, but not in a way that is depicted in the Bible. One wonders whence such information, of course, and the value of a creation that cannot be represented in language that conveys meaning.

This summary of the Bible by Goldsworthy is also worth a look, IMO.


neil moore said...

Last time I consulted with him, some years ago, Graeme Godsworthy indicated he rejected evolution as a model of origins. Mkaes it strange that he doesn't fill in more detail in his chart from Adam to Abraham. Perhaps he wouldn't get his books promoted through Moore College if he revealed any inkling of adherence to the history of Genesis 1 to 11.

I thought it helpful to post a comment at the site, so I did.


Eric said...

Neil, thanks.