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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Acts of Violence

Waiting for my morning coffee I let my eyes graze across the pages of the Daily Telegraph: all trouble and strife, as one would expect from a tabloid.

It was, of course, full of reports of random acts of violence; or random violent acts (some were the result of accidents, not intention). I got to thinking: in the SADist world, this is how God brought his creation into being; it is this that forms the first step of faith (Heb 11:3), it is this that constituted the 'making' (John 1:3) and in it the Word was intimately involved (John 1:3b), in flagrant contradiction to John 1:4, of course: the contrast between 'life' and 'light of men' and the darkness and horror of violence cannot be more marked.

But that's the SADist world for you: ill-digested biblical support for a badly thought out theology (in this respect anyway). And there we have it, the God who is love, who went to the cross to overturn the last enemy and who made everything very good, did so by using random acts of violence.

I wonder what SADists think the new creation will bring?