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Monday, July 23, 2012

Sydney Episcopalians Desperately Seek Support From Anywhere and Anybody.

An inability to see departure from Reformation orthodoxy as reason for failure to reach the people of Sydney in the Name of Jesus Christ often drives the Episcopalian Diocese of Sydney to go to any length for ideas. A few years ago the Diocese fawned over American, Mark Driscoll. One of our old favourites, Gordon Cheng, seemed so impressed with an address given by Mr Driscoll in Sydney in 2008 that he dutifully noted and published what Mr Driscoll had to offer as advice to the Diocese.

A writer on the Diocesan website was... shall we say ... gushing in her report on Mr Driscoll.

I wonder how the Diocese now identifies itself with Mr Driscoll now that some evangelicals in the USA are seeing flaws in the stature of Mr Driscoll. One flaw, if accurately identified by TeamPyro ought to be of concern to the Diocese.

Sam Drucker

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