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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Concerning "A Restless Faith" Discussion

In my previous blog I drew attention to a blog and subsequent Sydney Morning Herald article concerning the Marriage/Homosexuality debate occurring presently in Australia.

The writer of the SMH article has prompted a well written response here from a writer at Creation Ministries International and is being taken up by correspondents from different parts of the world.

When you have 'dirty linen' it has to come out of the closet at some stage and the inconsistency in doctrine and exegesis at Moore College on Genesis has found its day.

Sam Drucker


John said...

Well, Sam, would you believe this: According to Keith Mascord, Michael, son of his father, Peter the Jensen, the Archbishop, doesn't even believe in the inerrancy of scripture?

Judging by the way these guys spruik their nonsense, the only inerrant writings are Michael's, son of the Archbishop, and Keith Mascord's.

So, I find it very difficult to get my head around these guys actually being Christian. I mean, you believe that Jesus, Paul etc got things wrong in their writing? What the heck do these snakes mean? White washed tombs with dead men's bones inside, to borrow the phraseology of a less than 100% inerrant itinerant preacher.

sam drucker said...

It seems we now have one ex lecturer plus one current lecturer at Moore College and one high profile author/media clergyman airing their endorsement of homosexual behaviour and at least two of them rejecting inerrancy of Scripture. The other is undisclosed but, at the least, he is shaky.

The future of the Diocese is bleak on present trend.

Sam Drucker

John said...

Just been catching up with the mystical nonsense that Mascord is letting loose on the world. The guy's crazy and is obviously well past salvage. His ability to follow even one single point of logic is comparable to one of those flakey Newtown New Ager's attempts to be consistent ("Hey, man, you want to smoke a joint through my new Tibetan crystal bong, man? And did you know Jesus went to India and studied Buddhism with the enlightened masters? I read a book that told me it was so because the author got in contact with a monastery which.....").

No wonder his argument for homosexual marriage rests solely on his "experience" with his homosexual friends in Sydney's south. The hubris of the man continues when he reckons his "experience" trumps Jesus', Paul's and Moses' words. In other words,these three got it wrong because his friends' buggery says so.