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Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Good Without God"? (Part 2)

I questioned in an earlier blog the capacity for Sydney Atheists to be good without God as their catchcry declares. The most well known Atheist in Australia, Julia Gillard, certainly is no recommendation having betrayed Kevin Rudd in planning his overthrow, betraying the nation over her election promise over a carbon tax and now being embroiled in protecting a couple of politicians who, all indications suggest, bring no credit on Parliament. The latter scenario demonstrates a woeful "Whatever it takes attitude" to being in government. Anything but morality, it seems. Now word comes to me of a presentation at a church last Sunday in a Sydney suburb at which a group of Atheists attended, presumably for 'sport'. Separately to that group a young man attended at invitation of a church goer. Soon after the speaker commenced his address this young man rudely interjected. He was asked to contain himself until an opportunity presented to speak later. Thankfully he apologised at the end of the session. Later, an older man, apparently part of a group of Atheists, contended with the speaker. He declared himself to be a lecturer at university but it was discovered later by someone who had worked with him many years ago in satellite research and development that, some years ago, the man did a part time and short duration stint of teaching a course and was now working in the construction industry. Sad that he should mislead as he did. Sad that being good without God was not on demonstration by Atheists that day. Sam Drucker


Mark Henderson said...

Our PM and the dishonest atheist will be able to atone for their misdeeds in Purgatory if Cardinal Pell (on the Q & A debate)is to be believed! Note that the Cardinal does not believe in a historical Adam - not surprised therefore that his grasp of the need for redemption through Christ is apparently non-existent. When the Old Testament strikes a leak, the water soon flows into the New Testament.

sam drucker said...

Mark, exactly! I have seen many examples of people purporting to be Christian whose Gospel message dissembles under questioning due to a compromised position on Origins.

Archbishop Peter Jensen was found wanting in a debate with an astute Atheist last year.

Sam Drucker