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Saturday, May 26, 2012

By Faith the Righteous Shall Live.

Habakkuk 2:4(c) declares but the righteous will live by faith. (NIV)

Faith in the Word of God is the characteristic of the people of God down through the ages. The faithful hold firm to the integrity of the Word of God in the face of persecution. They will not cower and reinterpret that Word when the enemy assail it.

Here is a quote from "Lectures in Systematic Theology" by Robert L Dabney Page 257 - Theologian, of the late 19th Century in America:

"As remarked in a previous lecture, unless the Bible has its own ascertainable and certain laws of exposition, it cannot be a rule of faith; our religion is but rationalism. I repeat, if any part of the Bible must wait to have its real meaning imposed upon it by another, and a human science, that part is at least meaningless and worthless to our souls. It must express itself independently; making other sciences ancillary; and dominant over it."

Pity we don't have Theologians of the stamp of Dabney today. We do have a few but not many.

Sam Drucker


Eric said...

What Dabney says is right on and applies directly to how the SADs posture about Genesis 1. So, we had to await the arrival of these genisus to understand that Genesis doesn't teach what it says, but something else, that it doesn't say...well, that means it could teach anything, including the reverse of what they say! Over to you MJ...

sam drucker said...

The wrestling and arm twisting many Sydney Episcopalians apply to Genesis 1 is frightening. There is no valid reason why they wouldn't, at some later stage, apply the same manipulation to other historical passages right up to an including the activity of the Son of God Incarnate.

Sam Drucker