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Sunday, August 7, 2011

When Talk Is Cheap.

Amid the deplorable decline in trust in the Word of God within the Episcopalian Diocese of Sydney, and it is accelerating under the 'young guns' being given more print and lectern space than merit warrants, is the devious shift toward literary devices to explain away the original intent of the author of Scripture.

As pertaining to the Creation account, undue worth is given to pagan creation myths, even to suggesting that the Biblical Creation account is influenced by pagan accounts.

In their whoring after the world these Sydney Episcopalians literally adopt the position of the whoring wife which prophet Hosea symbolically married to expose an adulterous Israel. Their dilution of the authority of the Word of God has no boundary and the effect, while noticeable now, will have devastating consequences for the Episcopalian Diocese of Sydney in years to come.

I wonder whether the world, in its own strength, is showing Sydney Episcopalians something of the wisdom the Diocese is abandoning. The inheritance from the fathers of the Protestant Reformation is being cast aside and, to some extent has been taken up by the world.

This thought was reinforced in me recently when reading "Facts and Values - An Introduction to Critical Thinking For Nurses" written by Stan van Hooft, Lynn Gillam and Margot Byrnes and published by MacLennan & Petty Pty Ltd, 1995.

On the subject of Elements of Communication the following extracts provide principles which Sydney Episcopalians, especially the 'young guns', have long abandoned when approaching the Word of God. I cite some of these principles herewith:

Even in the event that the text has not been read by anyone, the writer can still be assumed to have had an audience in mind when he or she wrote it .....

Knowing how to send and receive communications includes knowing how some statements imply others and how certain things cannot be logically coherent. It includes knowing that if something is green it must be coloured, and that it makes no sense to say that it could be not green as well. (Logicians call this the law of non-contradiction.) .....

Also relevant, but more difficult to specify, are shared attitudes. Parties to successful communication must share attitudes in order to understand one another fully .....

A fifth element in the context of communication is difficult to describe in abstract terms. It is the ethics of communication. Parties to a communication have certain responsibilities in regard to it. Somebody who tells me something has an obligation to tell the truth. And I have an obligation to pay attention and to take what he tells me seriously. Authors and audiences must have appropriate intentions for a communication to succeed, and these are requirements of an ethical kind. There are values inherent in communication. It is important to notice that these sorts of requirements can make a difference as to whether a communication succeeds .....

This seventh and final element in communication might be described as levels of meaning. Most of the time we take what people say and write at face value. What the text says is what the author wants to tell us

I would suggest the aforesaid snippets of understanding are a legacy of Judeo-Christian influence of times past whereas the 'young guns' of the Sydney Episcopalian Diocese derive their thinking and application to that vaccuous proposition of thought - Post Modernism.

Sam Drucker


John said...


The one thing we must never forget is that these wolves lie about what their real motivating factors are for their swapping the plain sense of Scripture for literary devices etc. They protest that it has nothing to do with a naturalistic metaphysic, long age dating and evilution; however, the more you push them the more it becomes clear that these are the real beliefs behind their madness.

They will invent all sorts of stupid and cunningly devised tales to rob you of truth. The Dicksons, the Clarkes and the others have sold out to the world. They think they are cool, but they are really, really dumb, cowardly men living in a make-believe world of delusion and arrogance.

sam drucker said...

John, sadly, many in the Diocese are not aware that influence in the Diocese is, by default, being ceded to these men.

While others, with all their strengths or failings, are in the 'hard slog' of introducing the lost to Jesus Christ, these who have no capacity in that respect have maneuvered themselves into positions of influence and sow the seeds of doctrinal mutation.

Sam Drucker

Farel said...

Can't remember which of them it was, but one of the old puritans sitting behind me wrote (roughly)
"It is always corruption in the heart that leads to error in the head" or something close to that.

Farel said...

The incredible irony of this decline and its particular flavour of foolishness, is how to the contrary the world is seeing its futility. Grab a copy of John Carroll's "The Wreck of Western culture" For all its faulty hermenuetic, at least it gives a stirring diagnosis of the disease of post-modern subjectivism and the deification of existential uncertainty.