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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Terror in Idyllic Blue Mountains of NSW

Thousands of wheat and tares gather annually in Katoomba, NSW, during the early weeks of January for the CMS (Church Missionary Society) Summer School. It is a popular event and will likely attract similar numbers from 7-13 January 2012.

I have been handed a brochure promoting the upcoming event and I was struck by the promotional statements contained within it - all surrounding the Speaker and topic. I restate a couple of paragraphs:

Who's Speaking?

Dr Peter Jensen has been the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney since 2001. A key leader in the worldwide Anglican Church, he has written a number of books on Christian doctrine, including "At the Heart of the Universe" (1991) and "The Revelation God" (2002). Prior to his election as archbishop, Peter Jensen was Principal of Moore College and lectured in systematic and biblical theology. He is a gifted preacher and teacher. Peter Jensen will be speaking on the first 11 chapters of Genesis.

This summer join us as Archbishop Peter Jensen takes us back to the beginning. The beginning of the world, the beginning of grace. Be inspired as he opens up the first 11 chapters of Genesis. Be challenged as he draws out the relevance of these ancient stories to modern mission

What is in store for attendees? Will it be erosion of faith or encouragement of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in all His "offices"? It is terrifying to contemplate the former. Yet it is not without good reason - unless the Archbishop has had a sort of "Damascus Road" experience such as Theologian R.C. Sproule had in recent years. Without such a change we are left to be terrified because of past declared Theistic Evolution sentiments expressed in PTC notes, the appointment to staff at Moore College some years ago of a strong advocate of Theistic Evolution and its mouthpiece in the Church - ISCAST, and the rampant spread of belief in Theistic Evolution within the Diocese of Sydney in the years since.

"the beginning of grace" What grace exists in such a monstrous process of Creation?

Sam Drucker


John said...

Sure Sam, dream on. Jensen will once again espouse his insipid, cerebrally challenged nonsense, like his son hubristically occasionaly does, and by doing so hand the keys over to satan (and sign up to the Pope's views on origisn)

The more things change, the more they don't.

Arrogant idiots, to paraphrase Paul!

sam drucker said...

John, it may be that the historical applications will not be a addressed so as to avoid conjecture and that only theological concepts such as sovereignty, sin, grace and "good" and "very good" for "God's purposes" (unexplained) will be the order for the first three chapters of Genesis.

Sam Drucker