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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From Your God Your Morality Flows

I certainly hope Theistic Evolutionists didn't feel outrage or discomfort at the scenes on the ABC TV Four Corners program on Monday night.

How could they? Their god made a world full of suffering, ripping and tearing and being eaten alive within the animal kingdom which far exceeded the treatment rendered by Indonesian abattoir workers on Australian cattle imports.

For Theistic Evolutionists to take umbrage at what takes place in Indonesian abattoirs is to put themselves above their god. If their god did not have a problem instituting worse suffering and cruelty as part of the creative process then how can Theistic Evolutionists elevate their morality above their god? That is idolatry!

No, just lie back Theistic Evolutionists and admire the capacity of the Indonesian abattoir workers to walk somewhat in the footsteps of your god and pray that you one day will be more cruel than the Indonesians.

Sam Drucker


John said...

The nonsense espoused by TE's aside, it's typical of people to care more about 50 large steaks still on the bone than the 1000s of unborn humans who are murdered every year. Convoluted logic or what.

sam drucker said...

If your world view is wrong you are likely to get an incomplete or skewed ethic.

Sam Drucker