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Sunday, May 29, 2011

This is Our God!

Recently in the comments section of a blog here I mentioned the Lord Jesus Christ's healing of a man who had been lame for 38 years (John 5).

Subsequent to that comment the following article appeared in the Sydney Daily Telegraph on 21 May 2011:

A PARAPLEGIC man has stood up unaided, moved his legs voluntarily and walked, with help, on a treadmill after neurosurgeons implanted electrodes in his lower spine.

The world-first therapy has been hailed as an exciting advance in the quest to overcome crippling spinal cord injuries.

The electrodes then sent electrical signals to mimic those sent down the spine by the brain to begin movement.

Mr Summers can push up with his legs and reach a standing position, and support his own weight for up to four minutes at a time.

'For someone who for four years was unable to move a toe, to have the freedom to stand on my own is the most amazing feeling,' he said

Compare the situation of the early Judean man and the Sydney Daily Telegraph's reported lame man. We don't know how the former was made lame. Potentially, he suffered a similar spinal cord injury to the latter day man. Notwithstanding the extent of damaged body parts, each man was completely lame.

Improvement came to both but look at the stark contrast in the time frame and the completeness of healing. The gap is huge and, as I indicated earlier, the healing and recreation wrought by the will of our Lord Jesus Christ was beyond all our capacity to comprehend via modern medical science.

There some 2,000 years ago in Judea, moving among the people, was the Creator of the universe who creates and recreates in an instant.

If only degenerate pseudo-evangelicals of today had more faith in Jesus Christ than they do Charles Darwin and Charles Lyell.

Sam Drucker

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