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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Declension Spreads

My recent blog about The Work of the Word of God was another reminder of the failure of evangelicals to uphold the integrity of the Word of God. For the so-called evangelicals of the Episcopalian Diocese of Sydney the failing is clearly demonstrated nowadays in mishandling of Genesis 1. Shall I call them neo-evangelicals?

Neo-evangelicals elsewhere have long abandoned upholding the integrity of the Word of God in Genesis 1. They are well down the slippery slope of declension to death. Just look for a moment at

I guess the Presbyterian Church of the USA can only look back and say to the Episcopalian Diocese of Sydney "Keep coming brother, you are heading in the right direction and will catch up one day!

Like Cancer, infidelity grows if not excised early.

Sam Drucker


Eric said...

I find it hard to think that this would happen, but, seeing the glibness with which God's word is handled in some quarters of the SAD, it could well come about.

sam drucker said...

Eric, I will shortly post a blog citing a recent essay by someone and you will see how it happened and why the Episcopalian Diocese of Sydney is in the 'danger zone'.

Sam Drucker

John said...


I think the Devil knows that our "best" weakness is the point at which we think we are most secure. That SADs think they've arrived and just ignore this issue of origins, believing that they can say anything at all, including that it's not an issue, is their Archilles' Heel.

I've just finished a chapter from a book, a book edited by one of the "Big" men of the diocese, which pushes, once again, Chardin, someone the Catholics thought so bad they banned his material. That representatives of the diocese would promulgate Barth, Darwin, Chardin etc to re-interpret clear Scripture shows a diocese that has gone over to the dark side. One only has to click onto the blogs of the "Big" men of the diocese, like Michael Jensen and his pals, and see which authors they have high on their list, to appreciate how far they've moved from the Word of God.

You don't have to sport horns to be a helper for the Devil - you only have to ignore the pleas from your brothers-in-Christ and treat them with contempt (e.g. Peter Jensen's calling us "hillbillies").

sam drucker said...

John, I have noticed a decline in the standard of articles in Southern Cross (the Diocesan Newspaper) and the publication producd as an effort to save the standard of Diocesan reading - Eternity.

Eternity has encountered funding problems but has been taken over by The Bible Society. This will prove to be a millstone around the neck of the Society.

Don't just rely on me for confirmation. Note someone from my own church who has consistently been moderately and humbly adhering to the present direction of the Diocese. Without prompting from me he just came staight out on Sunday and said there is nothing much of value in the two publications.

Just look at who were the key writers of articles in the latest issue of Eternity and you will recognise why. We know the worldly line they have taken on Scripture.

Sam Drucker