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Monday, November 15, 2010

Speaking of rest...

Yesterday was the Newtown Festival. It attracts some 80,000 (mostly lost) people. I couldn't see any Christian outreach. Once again, right in the heart of Sydney Anglican land, a stone's throw from, that spiritual bulwark against all things non-Christian, Moore College, not a Christian stand anywhere....except a creationist one, at times doing a rather busy trade and all.

Sorry I didn't see any other Christians proclaiming Christ at Sydney's own Mars Hill. Oh well, maybe Michael Jensen and his really-much-more-Christian-than-you-creationists-because-you-preach-another-Gospel mates can set their alarms for next year and be seen to be doing some evangelism. They should be the real experts by now, what after that great success...what was its name....Disjunct oh 9? Only cost them more than a million bucks and look at the harvest. What a bargain. And they still have lots of Essential Jesus booklets by the truck load left over which they can use until 2109, maybe even stretched to 2209

No, maybe they won't be bothered turning up. Apparently they prefer to spend their time writing about Barth, Peak Oil and goodness knows what other sort of unintelligible irrelevancies our other great Sydney Anglican mate the Reverend Gordie Chengster continually spins out over at his blog.


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sam drucker said...

Tough comment but these certainly are sad times.

Sam Drucker