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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Recipe For Comfortable Pewsitting for Sydney Anglicans

Parishioners within the Sydney Anglican Diocese looking for an easy time need only make it known to their Rector that they are a Biblical Creationist and the easy time is guaranteed.

What follows is excising from consideration for any key ministries within the parish. You will certainly not be a viable candidate for Rector's Warden or Rector's appointment to Parish Council. Only if you have sufficient support from other parishioners will you have possibility of appointment to Warden or Parish Council.

Synod representative is out due to the sudden emergence of other nominations who will attract more voting support than you.

Appointment by the Rector to lead a home group/bible study is definitely out of the question. So too is leadership of the evangelism team or perhaps even involvement in organizing evangelistic events.

Don't be seen talking at length to teenage youth group members for too long otherwise you will be thought to be polluting their mind with your creationist stuff. If you actually are a Biblical Creationist then you probably will talk about the subject at some point with the teens but this is highly dangerous. Don't do it. Teens will be quietly warned off you and you might even be discouraged from further attending that church.

Conversations with the Rector will be polite but somewhat limited to all but interpretation of Genesis 1 & 2.

So, for keeping your head down and to rest in just turning up each Sunday with no pressure make it known to the Rector you have become a Biblical Creationist and you are ready to argue the point with him any time he is ready.

Ah, Sydney Anglicanism, a rest for the weary.



Critias said...

What I do, as a Sydney Anglican, of course, is take along my iPhone, slip it in my pocket, then I've got skin coloured earbuds, so I look like I'm deaf, and I log into a creationist (that is, biblical) church and pick up their pod casts: I still get to meet Christians, AND I get good teaching!

neil moore said...

Thank you Critias for your helpful way of dealing with the dearth of Biblical teaching on the origin of life.

It is one definite means of technology aiding church life.