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Monday, September 13, 2010

Jensen 'isms' again

The title? Apologies to William Burroughs, for the cognoscenti.

Just caught this post by Critias at Jensen's blot:

Michael, I note with some mirth that you distance Sydney Anglicans from '6 day creation' but side with both Luther and Calvin, who recognised what the Bible had to say on the matter! [6-day creation, that is - Eric]

Sydney Anglicanism is far from 'fundamentalist' indeed! It is becoming a hot bed of neo-orthodoxy with a flexibility in its approach to the scriptures that speaks more of contemporary convenience to avoid the anguish of being regarded as fundamentalist than the need to be instructed by the Bible.

So, fundamentalism has become a vague label flung around by who cares? Does it get in the way of the gospel? I doubt it, because most people are so disdainful of most church practices that the church has lost its public voice.

I guess, the more it denies that the Spirit of God can speak clearly, the more it will find itself with nothing to say.

Now, I repost it here in case Jensen kills it, in the spirit of true Anglicanism.

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Eric said...

Of course, Jensen did strike Crit's post. So, of course, I posted this: stand by for it to be struck as well:

"Hmm, I thought you'd remove Critias' blog: just too close to the bone as you reject Calvin's and Luther's acceptance that the Bible is able to frame God's encounter with his creation in terms that are congruent with that creation. Pity."

And that's part of the point. Genesis 1 lines up the creation account with the world we live in and in contiguous history; that we can connect with. Put's God's revelation, God's action and our world in the one domain. I expect Jensen's hermeneutic puts God's revelation in this point in Wonderland! (or is it Pleasantville?)