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Monday, September 13, 2010

2 ways to have a laugh

Overheard: a couple of younger men discussing 2 ways to live on the way to work: one has had it 'done' to him, and he was chuckling about the 'stupid pictures' and the guy presenting it using them to talk to him; he clearly found the whole experience laughable and underwhelming. The other guy he was talking too was in disbelief that anyone would seriously think of this approach to an adult conversation.

So, I wonder if the 2W2L crowd did any market testing (you know, focus groups) to see what people thought of it....

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sam drucker said...

There are serious problems with making evangelism a tractarian exercise. At all times, sharing the truths of God, man and the good news found in Jesus Christ is a relational undertaking.

The man in your illustration was obviously not ready for 2WTL yet the presenter went ahead trusting in the tract and really nothing else to overcome all obstacles. It failed and damage has been done for the future.

Tracts are expedient and dangerous.

Sam Drucker