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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Seeing Light

News reached me in the past few days of an incident at a church in Sydney last Sunday. There was an old lady who had been attending the church for many years. She has been in declining health and unable to get to church by herself. For the past two years her son has been taking her to church. He is an Atheist and only took his mother out of love. He has been known to say "I don't believe this stuff, I just bring my mother."

Last Sunday was a new experience. The church had asked a Biblical Creationist speaker to speak on the credibility of the creation/fall/redemption message. After the message the Atheist said to an elder of the church, words to the effect of, "As a result that man's message today I am now seriously considering becoming a Christian."

This is not an isolated incident. I have read several testimonies of former Atheists being challenged by the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ presented through a Biblical Creationist presentation and they later became a Christian.

Those within the Sydney Anglican Diocese who dismiss Biblical Creationism as a side issue make a serious error. They exclude a means God chooses to honour for the saving of people to eternal life.



sam drucker said...

Neil, I too can attest to Atheism losing out to the Biblical Creationist argument for the source of the origin of life.

Let's not allow compromising churches and their pastors win the place, in the eyes of the world, of representing Jesus Christ on the subject of origins.

Sam Drucker

Duane said...

Yeah well I think it is safe to say that a church leadership that cannot even bear to have Creation Magazine in their church library (yes, I am speaking of my own church) is even close to allowing a Biblical Creationist to present there. But we'll keep pushing in the soft spots and pray that God will make a way for us. In the meantime I informally present the Biblical Creationist position to anyone who is willing to discuss it.

neil moore said...

I wish you success Duane. I and my like minded friends at my church would not be as advanced (if we could call it that) as you are with your church.


Duane said...

Thanks Neil. I think my typo confused things. To correct myself, I meant to say " NOT even close to allowing...". That is, bc they won't allow even the magazine in the shelf, having a speaker there seems much further off, which is prob the position you are in also?