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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Knocked out, dazed, but blithely unaware

A couple of items in the press recently present a nice line up of the irrationality of the SADs.

1. One Bruce Haddon is at logger heads with the rector of his parish, Dominic Steele (ex 2GB journo from mem'ry) is concerned by, it would appear, Mr Haddon's disbelief in the virgin birth. The Herald reports this.

2. Atheism's true belivers gather together. In this Herald article we are told that atheists are really opposed to "the denial of the theory of evolution".

Now, if atheists are really opposed to something, you'd think it was because it stymied atheism. On the other hand the SADs, who don't think the notion of organic evolution is opposed to biblical theism, are worried because one man has taken that view to its logical conclusion: only things that science permits can occur!

I'll leave the reader to judge who is reaping what they sow.


neil moore said...

Just what are the parishioners of Dominic Steele's parish to believe.

I remember a conversation with a man who stopped at the footpath, not even entering church grounds of Dominc Steele's church some years ago, and this man apparently engaged in conversation with a parishioner about the veracity of the Creation account.

This man was said to be affirming the authority of the Old Testament to the parishioner when rushing out of the church building came Dominic Steele to dismiss the man because he didn't want that sort of talk going on when people were expected to soon be arriving for a church function.

The integrity of the Old Testament was given little air in that situation.


sam drucker said...

It reads to me like we would be an object of scorn for both combatants.

Perhaps we could bring peace between them by urging them to attack us instead of themselves.

You know "Blessed are the peacemakers."

BTW, I wonder how King Fu Craig is taking all this litigation. As I recall this involves his church of choice in a litigation situation. It was Kung Fu Craig who was quick to criticise the people over at CMI and AiG people for nearly getting involved in litigation over a disagreement. It was good that the Christians in those two groups were able to amicably sort out their differences in a manner suitable to Kung Fu Craig.

Let's hope that Kung Fu Craig will have some peacemaking success in his own church without dreaded litigation.

I think it was Jack Nicholson who said in a movie "What goes around, comes around!"

Sam Drucker