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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chaser chases Peter

I saw an old Chaser (Chaser's war on everything, an ABC TV show) where one of the chasers was doing just that: chasing...Peter Jensen.

The object of the chase was asking Peter to explain his response to Leviticus 20:13.

Peter grinned and walked on.

What a great way (NOT) to deal with an evangelical opportunity on national is Peter really he ready to represent the faith?

So, what could he have said that would have had evangelical intent.

Here's a thought:

"If you were an ancient Jew, it would be worth talking about that quote, but you're not are you?"

"I'd be more concerned that you find the God who wants to put our selfishness to one side so we can be with him forever in real love, not the hot panting of males missing the point."


sam drucker said...

Eric, yes we are under a new covenant. I have no call from God to go around killing homosexuals or murderers.

Not that homosexuality is an acceptable practice in the sight of God just like so many other acts which are contrary to the order of creation and which we are all prone to commit without the help of God's Holy Spirit to help us overcome.

Thankfully, when we fail we have a Saviour, Jesus Christ, to intercede on behalf of we who love him and have received him as our Creator, Lord and Saviour.

Sam Drucker

sam drucker said...

Oh, Oh, I left out confession and repentance of our acts of failing. Please include in my response.

Sam Drucker

Anonymous said...
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Jase said... was probably a good way to deal with Chaser. They want to show people up, not hear the truth. The audience wants to see the target flounder, not hear the truth. We're also, maybe, shown a edited version of what actually happened.

Critias said...

The trick in dealing with the media is to only give them the sound bite that YOU want to give, not give them anything to edit against you.

John said...

Jase said "We're also, maybe, shown a edited version of what actually happened."

On the other hand, maybe we weren't.

Is your comment yet ANOTHER favourable apologetic for Peter Jensen?

Jase said...

John, I'm certainly no Jensenite. I don't recall previously posting anything about him - favourable or unfavourable. Having said that, Chaser are no friends to Christians, so I would trust Peter over them.

John said...

Why would you necessarily trust Peter Jensen over Chaser? Because Peter Jenesen always tells the truth? Because he's Peter Jensen? Because he's the archbishop?

The question that really needs to be asked is, Why was Peter Jensen at all targetted by Chaser?

sam drucker said...

Perhaps because he is seen by Chaser as a "figurehead' of the Christian Church in Australia and thus a target for the mindset of Chaser?

While I believe Archbishop Jensen does a lot of damage to the Church with his Theistic Evolution view I still observe he says more about the Church that I agree with than what Chaser says.

Sam Drucker

John said...

But Sam, maybe that was the point of Chaser's run-in with Jensen: they understood that he believed in the absolute authority of the Bible according to the Reform tradition of Scripture interpreting Scripture and yet certain parts he didn't uphold and allowed "science" to dictate meaning of clear verses.

Of course, they should have pointed out Ex 20, the 4th commandment, as a better example of his cherry-picking rather than the OT law on homosexuality.

John said...
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sam drucker said...

I suppose for The Chaser it is a matter of impact.

They probably thought comment on the stoning of a homosexual more salacious than reconciling the Bible with science.

Sam Drucker