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Saturday, October 17, 2009

A pagan hits the spot

This popped up on the Anglican Origins blog: its so good it called for a link from here.

Put simply, its a letter to a local newspaper where someone denies a gospel approach because of disbelief in Genesis having any real world truth value! Sad, but a true conclusion abetted by a church that doesn't seem to know either what or why it believes!


neil moore said...

That letter is the kind of 'intelligence' from the battlefield the church needs to be worthy instruments in the hands of God for the great spiritual war going on in the heavenly realms (but expressed in the world).

If only the Church would realise where the damage is being done and deploy troops fit for the battle.

But no, the Church has set itself on a course to defeat.


Eric said...

Faced with comments like this, I heard of one church: it decided to go public with, you guessed it, face painting, balloons and neck massages. Gee, that'll really get the message out, connect with the community and tell people that there are answers to life's challenges!

gwen said...

Can you imagine how more effective Paul would have been in Athens if only he had done face painting?

And what about the balloons? If only those Athenians were as sophisticated as our society in that they are overwhelmed by the spell of an inflated balloon.