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Monday, October 19, 2009

Anglican Genius

The ABC's Compass program on Sunday 'did' Sydney Anglicans.

Peter's best line, I think was in connection with his rejection of homosexual practice: "I’m going to be faithful to the word of God, even though in terms of the popular culture I’m a villain or I’m an idiot or I’m all the other things that people say." Now, I'm all for Peter's views on homosexual practice and the Bible's teaching on it. Only I wonder if Peter applies the blow torch of the Bible to his teaching (non) on Genesis....not, of course!

So he talks 'Bible' but does 'conformity to the dominant paganism'. Thanks Peter.

I've got a couple of comments on the program: the 'high' Anglican church in Hurstville doesn't need any opposition; from what I saw, it is on the way to imploding, with NO young people in any of the scenes that I saw...even despite their little rainbow that is supposed to make the self-sexual feel good to be there! Get real!

Then, I was unimpressed by the shallowness of insight of the evangelicals, busily relating to their figment of the 1950s, IMO.

All I can tell about Connect09 is that it's not 'we connect with you', but 'hey, why don't you come and connect with us?'

The big channel for connecting, as recent letters to the editor in the Sydney Morning Herald indicated, is Anglicare; that is making well regarded 'connections'. Now, if the SADs levered off this, they might get somewhere, and do good, and provide a big fat channel for the gospel...but that would take work, and commitment, and sacrifice, and couldn't be compressed into a slogan-driven year long flash.

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