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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whom to believe: Man or God?

An interesting article here, concerns recent genetic analysis of humans, other primates and mice.

One section on one gene serves as a marker to distinguish between our capacity for speech and these other animals’ inability. The discovery of DNA in Neanderthal remains has also been analysed for this gene and marker. Unsurprising for creationists was that Neanderthal has exactly the same genetic information as modern humans. This means that this “ancient” people were fully human and could speak.

Evolutionists have long fed us the unscientific fairytale that Neanderthals were hairy grunters. We now know that they buried their dead, performed surgery, of sorts, and had a bigger brain capacity than ours.

The Sydney Anglican heretics prop up their wayward, jejune theology with the pseudo-science of old-age, evolutionary materialism. This pagan myth stands in stark contrast to real science and the Bible which say, among other things, that Neanderthal “were” fully human.

These heretical Anglicans prefer to listen to the babblings of atheists than God, even allowing this heathen theory of origins to interpret God’s revelation. What sort of faith is this?

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neil moore said...

Cavemen were simply people who lived in caves. Anything else is fabrication.