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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Leupold Genesis part 17 outline

Introduction (1:1-2:3)

Introduction--the Creation Account. 1. The First History--that of Heaven and Earth (2:4-4:26).

1. Supplementary details of the Creation count (2:4-25).

2. The Temptation and the Fall (chapter 3).

3. The Early Development of the Sinful Human Race (chapter 4).

The History of Adam (5:1-6:8).
1. The Separate Development of the Godly (chapter 5).
2. The Commingling of the Two Races (6:1-8).

The History of Noah (6:9-9:29).
1. Noah's Piety (6:9-12).
2. How Noah was preserved (6:13-9:17).
3. The Future of the Races of Mankind Foretold (9:18-29).

The History of the Sons of Noah (10:1-21:9).
1. The Sons of Japheth (10:1-5).
2. The Sons of Ham (10:6-20).
3. The Sons of Shem (10:21-31).
4. The Tower of Babel, or The Confusion of Tongues (11:1-9).

History of Shem (11 :10-26).

The History of Terah (11:27-25:11).
1. The Life of Terah (11:27-32).

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John said...

Sorry, Eric, all those temporal markers are all included only for their literary effect. I can see absolutely no reason why the Spirit of God, the real author here, thought otherwise. The SADs are right and you are wrong. You just don't get it. You can't be a Moore College graduate.

John said...


You're stupid. You don't understand. Do you really think that after 4 years of the best theological training money can buy that they would be wrong? Do you you think you know better than they? Well, do you?

Eric said...

John, John,

Yes, a-temporality is taught at Moore, as far as I can recollect...the real world is here in time, and the 'other world' is away from time. If the two touch, you'd expect the touching could be expressed with temporality as the unifying factor, becuase God made us in a temporally constrained, hang about; if God made us in a temporally contstrained world, would not he use time markers to coordinate his actions with ours to help us understand them within our time-bound perspective?

That would give them a place and reify the junction between God and man!