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Monday, October 13, 2008

Losing focus in a vaccine hocus-pocus

Article in the Daily Telegraph by Garry Linnell, Editor-at-large
October 10, 2008:

GO figure. We live in a time when science can tell us how old and large the universe is, yet the demand for psychics, fortune tellers and horoscopes has never been higher.

Oddly, what’s going hand in hand is that rejection of Christian theism brings with it the destruction of the rationalist basis for science; because its Christian realism that defeats superstition (because of its trust in Genesis 1, fundamentally) and not science! Science, as we know it today is the result of, amongst other things, Christian realism, as has been discussed elsewhere in this blog; so remove the basis, you remove the result, and end up with the unintended consequence: more superstition.

This is even evident at a popular level in Christian churches that have become enamored with the Enneagram, MBTI type ‘black magic’, NLP, the martial arts, yoga and so on. As they reject Genesis 1 and its grounded rationalism, they will more and more succumb to mysticism and fall under the influence of anti-rational superstitions.