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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Hazards of Blind Dating.

Many Christians have succumbed to the world, believing the idea of the earth being under ten thousand years is absurd because of the 'demonstrated' science of long ages.

Obviously, whether by fear of man or downright laziness, they are not prepared to apply a rigorous test to the assertions of the world concerning the derived age of the earth and its components. Whatever long age dates thrown up to them in the media or other source the dates are swallowed withour test.

Biblical Creationists have long questioned dates assigned to rocks by radiometric dating and have produced a number of spurious radiometric dates when the actual age of the sample had been known eg basalt from an observed volcanic event.

It is not as if Biblical Creationists are alone in questioning radiometric dating. The problems are known by secular scientists, as attested in the report in 25 July 2012.

Reporting on the efforts of a scientist to develop a portable chronometre to aid the dating of rocks in space exploration, the writer at says "Anderson will have to show not only that his chronometer is fast and light, but also that his dates make sense. Radiometric dates are some of the trickiest, most delicate and most disputed measurements on Earth. [emphasis mine] Anderson wants to transform what has been a laborious process of chemical extraction and analysis into a laser-based system, automate it and shrink it into a robot small and reliable enough to send to another planet."

If only Christians, in much greater number, would take the trouble to learn just how questionable assigned dates from radiometric dating are and then be more ready to trust the Word of God on Origins.

Sam Drucker


John said...

Peter Jensen and the other SADs declare, "Science is our [other] God."

sam drucker said...

John, your assertion is given weight by correspondent Richard L. of United Arab Emirates following an article by Philip Bell on Theistic Evolution at:

Sam Drucker