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Thursday, August 23, 2012

True Evangelism

Last month under the heading of The Need for Preaching the Character of God I posted an extended extract of Walter Chantry's 1970 book "Today's Gospel - Authentic or Synthetic?". Despite being an observation from more than forty years ago I regard it to be an incisive essay on much of the state of evangelism today.

I provide herewith a much shorter extract from the book:

"Sincerity and genuine conversion are not the only qualifications necessary for the work of an evangelist. An ability to convey the Biblical gospel is essential.

Since evangelicals are honestly asking why God has not attended their giant projects with His power, it is time to re-examine the content of the gospel most popularly preached. We must plunge beneath the superficial reports on methods and unity to focus attention on the foundational issue - the doctrine fostered by our evangelism and missions. Surely no issue can supersede the necessity of preaching the truth Christ delivered to His disciples!

Needed most of all, then, is the demolition of the dreadful trend that sees the gospel as simply a few facts. True evangelism preaches the whole counsel of God with explanation and application to sinners

It speaks for itself.

Sam Drucker

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