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Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Honest Woman

I heard a story tonight arising from Biblical Creationist ministry at Penrith Anglican Church a couple of weeks ago.

A woman went to one of the morning services of firm mind that Biblical Creationists had it all wrong. She sat stoicly through the service and was later heard to say that she accepted a lot of what the speaker said but could not accept the six day creation.

She returned to a later service in the day, sat through it and went up to the speaker afterward and apologised to him for going to the services determined not to believe what the speaker had to say. She said she had just completed her Doctorate in Education, was convinced of the argument for evolution and had also been criticising her Niece who was home-schooling children and teaching them Biblical Creationism. The woman was now trying to work out how to apologise to her Niece.

It says a lot about the impressive character of the woman that, on the day, she was willing and able to evaluate the case for Biblical Creationism and see the frailty of the evolution argument. What a wonderful woman! What an honest woman! A Berean, for sure!

I wish her well in her relations with her Niece and her growth as a Christian, trusting implicitly in the Word of God.

Sam Drucker

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