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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Light for Our Time

Three cheers for Penrith Episcopalian Church (Sydney Diocese) who I understand hosted Biblical Creationist ministry today.

Word has reached me to say the good folk up there dedicated the five services normally held on Sundays to hearing the message of how the Word of God can be trusted entirely and, specifically for today, the Word of God recorded in Genesis Chs. 1-11. Such an uncommon event for Episcopalian churches. Well blow me down!

I have to go on second hand reporting but I understand the message was well received with no dissensions, the resident priest fully on side, helpful questions in Q&A (one saying "I had these questions all my Christian life which no-one could answer but they have been answered today!") and much interest in resources available to help Christians defend the faith in which they believe.

This all presents as a blessing. May it be that seeds were sown for Biblical Creationist ministry to come to the aid of believers in other Sydney Episcopalian Churches in Sydney Diocese.

Sam Drucker


Critias said...

Great news. Thanks Sam. I hope this moves through the Sydney Anglicans. My family and I have left the Anglican church because of its current drift away from the Bible and its developing skill at neo-orthodox twaddle. Maybe we'll have cause to change in the years ahead!

sam drucker said...

Critias, it will be a real grind for those poverty laden Episcopalians of today.

Sam Drucker