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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave ...."

Theistic Evolutionists such as the Episcopalian Archbishop of Sydney, some of his Bishops, perhaps even his son and several on the Standing Committee of the Diocese (the 'engine room') must be perplexed by the dilemma presented by scientists through their assertion of a fossil find indicating the first animal emerged on earth up to 760 million years ago.

The problem for the alleged evangelicals cum Theistic Evolutionists of the Diocese is that they hold in one hand their favoured theory on Origins declaring man did not evolve for some time after the emergence of the first animal(s) yet that book they loosely hold in their other hand called the Bible says that man and animals (terrestrial animals) were created on the same day of Creation Week (day six). The disparity now contended is nearer to a billion years than anything comfortable for the alleged evangelicals and much more difficult to explain away.

What to do in such a circumstance? "After all," says the Theistic Evolutionists, "we pay homage to scientists ahead of the Word of God!"

"I know!" they say, "We'll just obfuscate if questioned and bluff our way out of it saying that Genesis does not talk about the 'how' but the 'who' of creation."

That response, often used as it is, may satisfy the unthinking objector but it bears no weight with the true evangelical. The latter will probe the logic of the response only to be met with "This is not an issue for causing division in the church for it is the gospel which matters." Or that part of the gospel they are prepared for the moment to declare to the world!

Such an incomplete theology is the threadbare dress of many leaders of the church today.

Sam Drucker

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