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Saturday, January 21, 2012

There's no more room in the inn, John Dickson

We're all, by now, quite familiar at this blog with John's own take on Genesis 1. The gist of it is that the chapter is so chock-a-block full of literary devices that it just can't be an historical list. There's no proof attached to this, just a wild assertion that his word is true. As others have pointed out, it's all very circular: anything with lots of literary devices can't be history, Genesis 1 has lots, so therefore Genesis 1 isn't history.

Such logical parsimony grates like one of those common enough modern peaches that lures you to buying it: Looks beautiful in the store but take it home and it tastes like leather, and just as insipid.

Anyway, now another has come along and taken poor SAD apostle John to task over his underwhelming “scholarship”. See here


sam drucker said...

This is another sad chapter in the unfolding story of declension in the Diocese.

One of the hopefuls touted and acclaimed for getting a documentary about Incarnate God on free-to-air television a few Easters ago (we were all urged to watch), more recent full page space in a Sydney broadsheet (newspaper)and something of a go-to man for Diocesan newspaper comment. Suddenly, it all begins to unravel publicly!

He was picked up by an historian for not doing his research for his broadsheet essay and now is picked up for not doing his research on his essay The Genesis of Everything.

What is worse, there is an undertone of repeating an author's work while not acknowledging same.

How easy it is for people such as this to be fawned over, in ignorance, within the Diocese. I remember one perrenial contributor to the Sydney Diocesan website chatroom (who also runs a blogspot which doesn't allow any correction) declaring how impressed he was with The Genesis of Everything. How foolish some are prepared to be in public.

There are a couple of ex rock band musicians being elevated to a stage within Christendom who will do more harm than good for they bring Post Modernist thinking to the reading of God's Word and disseminate to all through from that sieve.

Sam Drucker

sam drucker said...

Ordinarily, I would post a blog at this time of the week but I consider it most important that John's bloh and the link provided be not smothered by another blog for a few more days because of the seriousness of the issue here addressed.

Sam Drucker

Eric said...


Thanks, I agree, its a great link! The more these clowns are exposed for their silliness, the better.