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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Christians the 'Whipping Boy" Again.

As time has allowed a more complete assessment of the Facebook page of the Norwegian mass murderer it has become clear the media 'jumped the gun' in labelling the man a "right wing fundamentalist Christian". The following link provides a better evaluation of the man:

The man is more Darwinian than Christian.

Sam Drucker


Peter said...

Trifecta of Fail:
- Not accepting someone's true Christianity
- Summoning Darwin Ghost
- Offering a link to WorldNetDaily

sam drucker said...

Long odds on: Peter to get it wrong time and time again.

Skinny odds but a certainty!

Sam Drucker

John said...

Hi Peter,

Finally got bored with examining all your toe nail clippings, nasal hair and belly button fluff you've been storing in all those chronologically sorted jars sitting on the shelves in your bedroom and so decided to throw up some oblique excuse for all the evils Darwinism has brought to our planet?

Will hear from you again when the next gun-toting, survival of the fittest, moral relativist EVILutionist explodes, I suppose?

Peter said...


You seem to have so much hatred gathered inside. Relax, have a cup to tea, pray for self-control, breath... Otherwise WorldNetDaily will write how you are not a true Christian, but a Darwinist, who blew a gasket and went postal. And then Sam also have to write how Darwin himself is responsible of your atheist rage.

sam drucker said...

Our correspondent, Peter, consistently 'flies in the face' of truth and order.

I wouldn't be surprised if he attends,even participates, with anarchists when they march and engage in destructive practices.

Sam Drucker

John said...

Actually, Peter, I was having a joke at your expense because I can't see that reason or historical fact makes an iota of difference to you.

Warwick said...

Peter, I was once told we humans have a bad habit of behaviour transference. What is bad and annoying in our personality we transfer to others. In this light I read what you wrote "You seem to have so much hatred gathered inside." I believe this says more about you than John!

BTW you sure scarpered when I pursued contacting your pastor. I believe he is a figment of your imagination. You also turned down the opportunity to find out, first-hand, that Dr's Wieland and Sanford were both previously atheists.

You don't like to have a poor story destroyed by inconvenient truth do you. There I go again giving vent to my hatred and anger!

Woe, oh woe what ever will become of me?