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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Evangelical Church Absorbed Within Sleep and Self Interest at Cost to the Lost.

In earlier years there was a sermon illustration about a small group which was instrumental in rescuing shipwrecked passengers from ships which floundered in storms. As I recall, their rescue success brought acclaim, additional resources, comfort and an unhealthy self interest - so much so that a ship in distress was completely ignored and people perished.

That illustration has much application in the church today.

Courtesy of CMI at I repeat hereunder an article appearing in their Focus section of the latest edition of Creation magazine which I received last week:

"Police investigating the recent Colorado shooting-range death of 29-year-old Kristin Hermeler and the simultaneous attempted suicide of her twin sister Candice, report that the twins had "an unusual interest" in the 1999 massacre at the nearby Columbine High School ( And amongst the twins' belongings the police found a copy The God Delusion by outspoken atheist
Richard Dawkins.

That was the same book that Keith Kilgore linked to the 2008 suicide of his 22-year-old son Jesse. He said a biology college professor had objected to Jesse's professed Christian faith and challenged him to read it.

One of Jesse's friends told Mr Kilgore afterwards that Jesse had been "very upset" by the book - "It just destroyed him." And a relative wrote: "He had mentioned the book he had been reading, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and how it along with the science classes he had take[n] had ended his faith."

The 2007 Finnish multiple-shooting murderer Pekka-Eric Auvinen similarly believed what he had been taught at school about origins, saying that Christians were deluded, with God existing "only in your heads' (

By teaching young people evolution as a not-to-be-challenged 'fact', the Western world has been sowing the seeds of its own destruction. It truly is a giant hoax, and Dawkins has certainly played a part in the propagation of such deadly influence - see and Sadly, much of the Church has been asleep at the wheel, sending its young people into the secular educational establishment without providing them any intellectual ammunition and defence. The magazine you're reading can help overturn that. Pass it on!

Suicide twins Kristin and Candice Hermeler had God Delusion in their luggage, news,, 26 November 2010. Dad links son's suicide to 'The God Delusion',, 20 November 2008."

Sam Drucker


Eric said...


Christians have to walk past two clear statements in scripture to think that God could 'use' evolution to create (as crazy as that idea is in itself): they have to deny the information in Genesis 1 that creatures reproduce after their kind; evolution denines this and says that reproduction will shift over time into other kinds. They also deny Heb 11:3 that tells us that what is seen was not made out of what is visible. Evolution has the contrary: what is seen was precisely made out of what is visible!

So are we to let the geniuses down at Moore College have this? Not so!

sam drucker said...

More astute observations from you Eric.

Sad to say, SAD compromisers will avoid the convictive of those portions of Genesis 1 because they have found their way out - assign a variety of literary devices to the chapter - then accept as valid whatever suits their worldly belief and reject the rest.

Sam Drucker

John said...


Following Craig's recent outburst I need to ask if:

1. Is that you or me speaking?

2. And who are you speaking for: me or you?

John said...

Yeh, the spirtual and theological "leaders" down at Moore and from their pulpits can't even get the first page of the Bible right because they prefer to believe that they and their evolutionist mates are omniscient about geology, palaeontology etc and about how the earth and life came to be. Can't get the simple first page right so why should I expect you to get (the far more complicated) Jesus' purpose right?

They believe that rather than trusting God's Spirit, who inspired men to write God's Word to us, that the earth is young and that he created very quickly, they's prefer to believe that they are like gods and know more than the Word of God and God himself who spoke to Moses face-to-face and told Moses he created in 6 days.

Craig and his gutless and dishonest mates avoid passages like Exodus 31 and rush to teach young Christians they should believe a lie. Craig's stupid and self-obsessed excuse is that "he can't believe the world is young" and so the world isn't young. You are a fool, son, and are deliberately misleading young Christians. You've lied about how much you've studied on the matter and you lie when you avoid Exodus 31. Your conscience tells you that you can't explain Exodus 31 away, so you silence your conscience by ignoring our demand to face up to Exodus 31.

You are one heck of a messed up person!

sam drucker said...

John, I have given Craig all the information he needs to clear up any misunderstanding as to my identity. It's on his blog.

Sam Drucker

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.