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Saturday, January 29, 2011

"I Will Send Them Prophets and Apostles, Some of Whom They Will Kill and Others They Will Persecute."

Oh Dear, Oh Dear, just where does it end?

On his Blogging Parson website, Michael Jensen had conversation going within a narrow framework which he was prepared to operate. Someone who demonstrated a clear faith in the opinions of men over the Word of God was unchallenged by Michael.

I gently rebuked Michael and pointed out the man's need. Michael did not respond but Mike Russell did. Two separate comments were posted by Mike Russell. The latter comment sought a debate, effectively on the subject of Origins. I responded with gentle respect to matters raised by Mike Russell and invited him to discussion on the subject at this blogspot.

Obviously, Mike's comments and my reply were posted to Michael Jensen's site before Michael Jensen saw them. Since then, Michael has seen them and wiped them completely from his site.

What sort of person is this man? I can only conclude he hates very well and he is unprepared to entertain discussion with Biblical Creationists - the people who trust God's Word on Creation.

Oh dear, Oh dear, Anglican Diocese of Sydney, you get what you deserve.

Mike Russell, if you read this blog, I am happy to discuss the subject with you here.



sam drucker said...

Michael Jensen does his credibility no good at all with such behaviour.

I have found out from Neil what the content was of the missing comments by Mike Russell and himself and there was nothing at all out of place by either party.

I notice Michael has no trouble subsequently allowing Luke to 'run down' and misrepresent Biblical Creationists.


Sam Drucker

John said...

No, Mikey is just some sort of control freak, like the ones in medieval Catholicism. He'll brook nothing unless he gives his seal of approval.

Mikey, you need to get a real job in the real world and find out how real people behave, sort of like how our Lord and Paul did.

Mike Russell said...

Hi Neil,
It's Mike Russell here.
I just noticed this post of yours.

Just some history on the removal of those two posts by Michael Jesnsen.
Michael pointed out to me via Facebook that I had misunderstood the views of 'Sydney Anglican Heretics'. I had thought you were unbelievers having a go at the Sydney Anglicans in a sarcastic kind of way.

Hence I was of a mind to challenge you to a debate where I would defend the reliability of Genesis, and you would attack the credibility of Genesis. Once I realised that I had it wrong, I asked Michael to remove the post where I made my challenge. This was a matter of minutes after I posted it.

There was a second factor. A couple of hours before writing that 'challenge' post, I'd been chased by two guys during my regular 8km run, and they had thrown a long metal peg at my head, screaming "I'm gonna bash you.....' with swearing...

So having gotten you guys badly wrong, and suddenly realising it was probably a poor time for me to be posting (or challenging people to debates), I asked Michael to remove my post. He must have removed yours as well.

I have great respect for Michael Jensen, in both his life and doctrine. I wouldn't want people using this interchange to impugn his character.

neil moore said...


Thanks very much for the explanation. It puts Michael in a better light. I wish he would have explained it but now that you have done it I feel better.

I am very sorry and disturbed at the threats made on your life over the weekend. Do you know the guys, young? mature age? Obviously your running capacity enabled you to outrun them. That's a blessing. But I guess it has you wondering about future exercise alone?

Yes, myself and others who post blogs here hold to the Biblical account of creation contained in Genesis 1 (just like Luther and Calvin) and we find that account undeniably upheld by the direct utterance of God at Exodus 20:11. This blogspot was started when Biblical Creationists, who were not us, were being ridiculed by some Sydney Anglicans at one of the internet forums conducted by the Diocese some four years ago.

We have got up the nose of some people because of a no nonsense approach at times. Anyway, enough of our background.

Thanks for communicating with me.