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Friday, December 10, 2010

God's got it under control

It never ceases to amaze me that 1. questions of faith and religion get such huge airplay in the media (see the number of religious questions mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald's blogs) and 2. the silence of the SADs in really trying to address them (and in a non-preachy 'I'm a smarter man than thou' manner; naw, that would be asking too much.

The topic of 'adverts for God' came up in a recent blog: it was about God loving us; of course he does, but the semi-sceptic of the blog asked about young death in its face:

Well, I don't think that the Bible has God 'in control' like the theo-controllers seem to think (Romans talks about his active involvement: relationship, not 'control'), and the SADs are completely disempowered in dealing with evil, because most of them say that it's 'natural' or is inherent in the world as we know it (they have to because they are unreconstucted evolutionists: whereas the Bible is not). And that stops any evangelical response to death in the world stone dead: its a gospel killer, as the theological contrast the Bible has is denied!

Thanks guys, and thanks from all the questioning people who are thus short-changed.


neil moore said...

Those in the Church who assert that suffering and death is God's will for man and was part of His creative process preach a different God to the God of the Bible.

Suffering and death came into the world only through man's sin of rebellion. This was not God's will because God cautioned man not to act against the warning of the consequences of rebellion. Cut yourself off from the source of life and the result is non-life and, as it turned out, all descendants of the first man to rebel are born with his stamp of rebellion.


sam drucker said...

Yes, fella's, it is a sad explanation of God and suffering Theistic Evolutionists present to the world.

Sam Drucker