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Thursday, July 22, 2010

When 'Black' is 'White'

The surprise birth of a 'fair coloured' child to 'black coloured' parents announced in the UK this week presents no problems for the Biblical Creationist position but presents problems for elements of Darwinism nowadays 'swept under the carpet.'

Assuming no infidelity on the part of the mother, Geneticists were left to declare that a mutant gene was at work to produce a child with 'fair coloured' skin to parents of 'black coloured' skin.

Let us be clear, there is only one skin colour - the pigment called melanin - and there is only one human race. If the first humans had a content of melanin giving the appearance of 'mid brown colour', potential then existed to produce apparent 'skin colour' in descendants extending from 'mid brown' to 'black' in one direction to 'albino' in the other direction. This, then, gives scope to produce a genetic recession to a 'fair colour' in the child reported this week in the UK.

One of the sad chapters of Darwinism is (and perhaps remains with some Darwinists today) the belief that 'fair coloured' humans were more advanced or evolved than 'black coloured' humans. This led to racism and abuses of 'blacks.' Sadly, some Christians fell for this erroneous world view and were as guilty as secular proponents of racism.

It was ironic to hear the Geneticist, commenting on the recent incident reported in the UK, say that the 'fair coloured' child was, in effect, a mutation. This, in its way, is a reversal of the past perception of 'fair coloured' people.


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