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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kant on Connect09

"Making plans is often the occupation of an opulent and boastful mind, which thus obtains the reputation of a creative genius by demanding what it cannot itself supply, by censuring what it cannot improve, and by proposing what it knows not where to find."
Kant, Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics (p. 10 in the Bobbs-Merrill edition of 1950)

Somehow reminds me of Connect09....and 'Do it Again in 2000 and Ten"


sam drucker said...

Eric, it must be worrying a few in the Diocese how not much occurred in the way of additional pewsitters arising from Connect '09

The proposed 10% of the population of the Diocese in bible believing churches by 2010 appears just a wistful hope. It might have helped if there was sufficent belief in the Bible commencing at Genesis.

Sam Drucker

Eric said...

Sam, I think the point is that you can't just conjure up belief, or response to the gospel when you ignore basic things about building communities.
Here's an example. For years the Anglican mainstreamers have boosted their ghetto by promoting separate schooling for Anglican children. Now they want to enter the debate about ethics being taught over scripture in the very public schools they have despised. So, the panic is on, but with a history of non-invovlement in the normal community they have no voice except a shrill and empty protest.

But, if they'd been active in ordinary school communities, shining the light of the gospel over recent years, it might be a whole different story. Aside from the fact, of course that they once again miss a public chance at speaking the gospel...