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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Christian Life is a Journey

"They went forth into the land of Canaan; and into the land of Canaan they came." Gen. 12:5 KJV

Augustus Montague Toplady is perhaps remembered best for writing that great old hymn "Rock of Ages." He was born in 1740 and died in 1778 at the age of 38 years. Respected Bishop J.C. Ryle, when commenting on Toplady in the Nineteenth Century said: "I should think no account of English religion in the last century complete which did not supply some information about this remarkable man. In some respects, I am bold to say, not one of his contemporaries surpassed him, and hardly any equalled him. He was a man of rare grace and gifts, and one who left his mark very deeply on his own generation. For soundness of the faith, singleness of eye, and devotedness of life, he deserves to be ranked with Whitefield, or Grimshaw, or Romaine."

In a sermon on the Genesis 12:5 passage quoted a above, Augustus Toplady spoke of the journey of faith a Christian embarks upon from the time of conversion to Jesus Christ. Aspects of Toplady's sermon have something stern to say to several Episcopalians in the Diocese of Sydney. A short extract is provided herewith:

"When persons undertake a journey to a distant, unknown country, it is not unusual to have recourse to a guide. The two grand, stated Guides of the Redeemer's church are the Spirit and the Word of God; to which may be added, in humblest subordination to these two, the ministers of God. A minister without the written Word would bid fair to be a false guide who would only set you astray. And the Word itself, without the Spirit, is but as a dial without the sun, a dead letter, and a book that is sealed. Therefore the way for us not to lose our way is to receive nothing from man but what bears the stamp of Scripture; to beg of God that he would shine upon the dial that we may consult it profitably and know whereabout we are; that is, that He would make us understand the Scriptures by the saving light of His Blessed Spirit; and then to look upon no influence, suggestion, or direction as the certain voice of God in the soul except it harmonize and coincide with the sacred Scriptures which Himself inspired. Thus wonderfully and wisely are the means of salvation connected! The Word of God directs us to the Spirit of God; the Spirit of God makes that Word effectual; and the true ministers of God act in the most absolute subserviency to both."

Biblical Creationists need only go a little beyond the diluting argument of Theistic Evolutionists that Genesis Chapter 1 is too stylized to be historical narrative and you find the basis of their argument. Theistic Evolutionists are influenced by the thoughts of man. Men and women who profess a faith in the paradigm of evolution without it being demonstrated by empirical (operational) science have greater influence over Theistic Evolutionists than God. Whether it be fear of ridicule or love of man over God the result is the same. Scripture is abused. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in all their workings, are demeaned.

The path taken by Theistic Evolutionists within what is called Evangelicalism is a pitiful scene. Having long criticized Liberals for mishandling Scripture and throwing off Gospel truths, the Theistic Evolutionists within Evangelicalism are doing nothing more than belatedly following in the footsteps of Liberal scholars of more than a century ago. How smart are they? Not at all! When a brilliant student accurately completes an examination in half as much time as another student the accolades go to the former. When a foolish man pursues a course to disaster, how much more pathetic is a man who first resists the same course but belatedly goes down the same path?

The Northern Kingdom of Israel foolishly set itself outside the will of God from the beginning and brought judgment through exile from God. How much more pitiable was the Southern Kingdom of Judah to have some resistance to the ways of the Northern Kingdom only to later go after false gods, live outside the will of God and thus bring on judgment through exile from God.

I leave the final word of this blog to Augustus Toplady: "It is a just remark, which I have somewhere met with, that the best way to be secure from falling into a well is not to venture too near the brink. Swim not with the stream, if the tide roll downward; neither follow a multitude to do evil. He that fears men, and seeks to please men at the expense of gospel truths, is not an honest man, much less a servant of Christ."

Sam Drucker


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