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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Evolutionary T-shirts

A while ago there was an atheist's convention in Melbourne; couldn't make it myself, but if I had I would have had T-shirts for sale with slogans such as:

Support evolution eat plutonium.

I use Dioxin for my mutations, how about you?

or: Mutate faster, drink Dioxin

or: Evolve faster, drink Dioxin (Dioxin clearly has lots of mileage here)

A mutation a day brings the doctor his pay.

Check the latest mutations, visit a hospice.

Don't ask me, I just evolved that way!

Wrong!? Just wait until some other morals evolve.

Help evolution, move to Bhopal.

Chimp operas: only 2% worse than humans'.

Now, prizes for the best contributions in comments (the prize is I won't trash your comment).


Anonymous said...
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Critias said...

Here's one:

Don't blame me, I'm just mutated chemicals.

neil moore said...

Richard Dawkins - Just Another Mutation!


Eric said...


Richard Dawkins: why listen to evolved pond scum?

John said...

I've just committed adultery, murdered my neighbour, stolen from my boss....and got away with it...I must be fitter. Isn't evolution great. Praise God for his mighty works.

Eric said...

Forget chimp libraries; they've only got 98% of the books you need.