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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Connect 09 Dali Lama Style

Here's how PJ connects09...oops, I mean connects 1678! No sense dealing with what people are really interested in!

Now, here's how the Dali Lama connects 09: takes up people's issues.


neil moore said...

Hmm! Such a difficult decision to make. Which option offers the greater spiritual benefit?

I'll need to think a little Moore.


John said...

Oh, Eric, you are a wicked lad.

Eric said...

What really got me was that the ACL billed this internally focused waste of time as "This promises to be one of the significant events of the year." What rubbish!

neil moore said...

What is the Anglican Church League anyway?


Eric said...

The ACL is an organisation that I think wishes to fight the battles of the 17th C. all over again. It's an inward looking club.

I recall years ago because a certain power centre in the diocese possibly felt under powered, it tried to start the Reformed Evangelical Protestant Association: REPA. I went to a couple of meetings. Very boring. No point. It folded!