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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Musing on Moses

I'm working my way through Hebrews these days. What a rich book it is. I wonder if in our day we downplay the status of Moses? He is the most signficiant figure of the OT and is of such stature that he makes it into Hebrews (ref ch. 3). He was an apostle: one sent from God as a messenger. Part of his message is the first 11 chapters of Genesis: we seem today to adopt an attitude of insufficient awe of God's word and the work of his messengers. I don't want us to be uncritical or not do hard work with the word; but it would be good if we submitted to the word received, rather than play it like a football.
I speak, of course, to those who discount Moses' work on origins as something less than it really is; to those who think that this part of God's revelation is to be treated with less seriousness, or with less significance than passages in the NT. Sad, but true, I suppose. Partly why our doctrine of God is so insipid these days, I suspect.