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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Songs of Praise

The BBC's great program of traditional hymn signing and gentle witness.

On today's broadcast a man was telling of the death of his young adult daughter from an accident in Africa, while on short term mission. She was eaten by a croc.

As an indication of the state of Christian theology, all he could do was say that it was an accident; he didn't seem able to attribute it to the result of a broken creation: which I think the Bible would indicate; and therefore link to the new creation heralded by Christ!

I am also reminded of the very sad report on Craig's blog about a couple loosing their child to miscarriage. My parents had a similar experience, so I can share some of the impact; the report of this troubled me. The grieving father put it down to 'God's will'. But I don't think that God is a killer! I would put it down to the, once again, broken creation against which stands God's glorious and astonishing salvation in Christ; not only of us, but of the whole creation to be remade. Like the creed says: it it to a bodily resurrection we look forward.